Tucson Garden Railway Society

Community Projects

This section of our web site contains information about the community projects in which we have been involved. Typically we design the layout and donate all of the track, buildings, scenery, rolling stock and locomotives to create a complete layout. We then construct the layout and train the staff at the location in the day-to-day operation of the railroad. We provide the site with TGRS contact information and perform maintenance and continued support for the life of the railroad. We are very proud of the railroads that we have created in Tucson and expect to enhance them and create new and exciting layouts in the future.
As of the end of our latest fiscal year (June 2022) we have spent over $50,000 building and maintaining our Community Projects layouts. In addition we have donated over $12,000 to the Community Food Bank from income created by our annual "Rails in the Garden" tour.

The following layouts are active and available for viewing... The following layouts are no longer active... This is a link to the documents describing the layout control systems installed...