Tucson Garden Railway Society - Scratchbuilding Resources

What Contact Notes
Epoxy materials
RTV rubber components for making molds
Casting resins, etc.
Ace Resin & Hobbies
John Nitka, owner
7481 E. 30th Street
Tucson, AZ 85710-6338
Phone: (520) 886-8051
Email: mnitka@aol.com
Decals in every color Stan Cedarleaf
11176 Western Sunset
Dewey, Az 86327
Email: scedarleaf@aol.com
Will assist in design
Bachmann big hauler parts and any machine tooling Barry Olsen
Barry's Big Trains
Phone: (623) 936-6088
Barry loves visitors and has a lot of information to share about trains and model building
Plastruct styrene and Evergreen plastic products Hobbylinc
Phone: (888) 327-9673
Web site: Hobbylinc.com
Products average 30% off
F-scale wagon kits Grizzly Mountain Engineering
Web site: www.g-m-e.com
Mostly boats but many different sizes of rope and chain Nature Coast Hobby Shop
Web site: www.naturecoast.com
Epoxys in larger than 1oz tubes West System Epoxy
Web site: www.westsystem.com
Metal shapes, angle, bar, tubes K & S Engineering
Web site: www.ksmetals.com
Dollhouse details, figures, kits in 1/2" scale Oakridge Hobbies
Web site: www.oakridgehobbies.com
Balsa, basswood, hardwoods and scale lumber National Balsa
Web site: www.nationalbalsa.com
Basswood, harwoods, plywoods, stuff AC Supply
Web site: www.acsupplyco.com
Basswood, harwoods, stuff Midwest Products
Web site: www.midwestproducts.com
Styrene, plastics, kits Evergreen Scale Models
Web site: www.evergreenscalemodels.com
Styrene, ABS, plastic structural parts, pipes, stairs, ladders, stuff Plastruct
Web site: www.plastruct.com
Dollhouse, brick, stone, roof slate - in UK Bromley Craft Products
Web site: www.craft-products.com
Decals, decal paper Tango Papa Decals
Web site: www.tangopapadecals.com