Tucson Garden Railway Society - Tucson Children's Museum - Dedication Event

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Sign naming the train room as the Whistle Stop and recognizing each of the major donors is on the outside of the room and visible to all who enter. Note the TGRS logo.

Nick Buchholz admires some of the historical Tucson railroad photos on the history (West) wall. Note the television in the south east corner providing an 'engineer's eye' view from the locomotive cab.

Garb Mechigian and Lew Sleeper take advantage of the bench on the north wall. Above them can be seen the mountain cliffs and, to the right, one of the rocky tunnel portals built by Gary Martin.

The Dorgans socialize with other TGRS members. To the left is the 'crawl through' steam locomotive, while on the wall above the train is passing the member built and donated building flats.

Jerry Tulino looks at the 'crawl through' steam locomotive. Behind him on the west wall are posters of historic locomotives, steam, diesel and electric, while at the far end the mountain cliffs and both tunnel portals decorate the north wall.

(Left to Right) Phyllis Dirksen, Ibby Ulmer, Peggy and Gary Martin and other club members listen as the TCM Director thanks the club for designing, building and to a significant amount, funding the "Whistle Stop" room.