The San Juan Large Scalers (August, 2003)
photos courtesy of Chuck Cook

Dear Fellow Club Members,
While in Durango for Railfest 2003, Tari and I had a chance to view a modular layout by the San Juan Large Scalers. Although not nearly as large as any of our modular setups, I thought this layout had some unique differences worth recognizing. First, the layout is set up with the surface of the layout about 3 feet off the ground. They use pipes extending out from the layout with rope strung thru them to create their "border". It made me excited to see how our new border being built works for us. Secondly, each of their modules has a painted backdrop; as you can clearly see in many of the photos. Lastly, this is a 55 member club. Seven couples each "manage" one or two modules. That is to say, they keep the module(s) at their house to work on and maintain and are responsible for, in some way, getting them to the shows.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.    Chuck Cook

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